Quarkslab is a high-end cybersecurity company, highly skilled in vulnerability research and design of security solutions for a tailored level of defense.
Malware are growing faster than one software can analyze: combine all detections together.
Code & Data obfuscation to protect everywhere.
Defensive security
  • Security developments: crypto, protocols, fuzzers, patch system for outdated programs.
  • Cryptography design.
  • On-demand R&D: anti-root, disassembler, custom probes for IRMA.
Offensive security
  • Vulnerability, patch and exploit analysis
  • Cryptography and DRM pentesting
  • Software assessment
  • Reverse engineering
  • Vulnerability research
  • iOS & Android pentesting
We provide tailored services for profound technical issues to leverage your data protection.
As we work in sensitive environments we do
not disclose our clients’ references.
> Multiple CVEs reported to Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Siemens, Samsung, etc.
> Regular speakers in international conferences
eg. HITB, Hack.lu, CSW, PacSec, SSTIC.
> Capacity to assess software security certified by ANSSI.
> Open assessment of the Chatsecure application.
full-time employees
mainly security
researchers and developers.
thesis in progress
We have several open positions:
The company

Quarkslab is building new tools to analyze what is going on our systems, from an ARM dynamic binary instrumentation to symbolic execution framework like Triton (http://triton.quarkslab.com) and several other advanced software security tools. System audits and vulnerability research must be taken to a new stage, as code bases are growing faster and faster. New tools need to be designed to help the security researchers in their daily work.

Founded 5 years ago, Quarkslab is working internationally since its origins. Whereas we are based in Paris (France), we are now opening offices in Japan and Argentina, where several open positions are available.

How to apply

Send a resume to the email address provided in the job description.

Explain in your message the relevant projects (links to published code is better!) you have been working on to demonstrate you fit the position and why you are applying. Make it personal, we are interested in people motivated to be involved in taking Quarkslab to a new stage.

We will reply with a small challenge to give us the opportunity to discuss both what we are building, and how you can bring your own experience in that.

DevOps engineer based in Paris

Quarkslab, a high-end cybersecurity company founded 5 years ago, is looking for a devops engineer with advanced sysadmin skills to reinforce his team.

Key responsabilities
  • You will contribute to the devops part of our products by improving automation, deployment scalability and CI/CD process.
  • You will be in charge of the administration, the information system, and the machines used by projects hosted internally and externally.
  • You will prepare and perform production step, optimize performances, and ensure availability of the information system

  • Team player, autonomy
  • Curiosity and ability to summarize
  • Ability to communicate clearly with other employees
  • Appetite for a geek work environment

Mandatory skills
  • Linux environment (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Git
  • Development in Python
  • Conitnuous integration (Jenkins, Gitlab)
  • Automation (one of Ansible, Chef, Puppet)
  • Virtualization (vagrant, libvirt, vSphere, …)
  • Networks (VLAN, routing, firewall, …)
  • Enterprise services (DNS, LDAP, DHCP, …)
  • Technical English (you will have to interact with non French-speaking people)

Appreciated skills
  • Network configuration (switches, routers, wifi access point)
  • Knowledge in security

  • Engineering/Master degree in computer science. A few years of experience (professional or personal projects) is a plus.

  • Job is full-time employment (FTE) based in Paris (France), remote can be considered depending on the profile.
  • Contact: job-adminsys(AT)quarkslab.com