Webinar Supply Chain Attacks

Thursday 29th April at 10am CET

Supply-Chain Attacks: What are they and how prevent them?

Last December, FireEye disclosed a breach of their systems by an unknown threat actor. Following this announcement, other companies revealed they had also suffered a breach thus unveiling a large scale and sophisticated supply-chain attack in the process: attackers planted a payload into SolarWinds software, allowing them to penetrate SolarWinds clients infrastructure. To this day, we are still to discover the complete aftermath of this attack.

This chain of events brought public attention to a specific kind of attack called supply-chain attack. Join us on April 29th at 10a.m for a 30 minutes online presentation where we will discuss:

  • What are supply chain attacks?
  • How do they happen and what are the incurred risks?
  • What can be done to try and prevent them? 

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The Quarkslab team

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