Webinar – Demo Day

Webinar – Demo Day

Looking to expand your Incident Response offering?

Quarks Flow (formerly known as Irma) is an automatic file analysis solution whose mission is to speed up the identification of malicious files and improve the detection rate of malware/threats by orchestrating and automating analysis methods. It is also the ideal security toolbox for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP).

Come join us for an exclusive demo day session to see how Quarks Flow can help your organization achieve a faster recovery time after a breach!

The 45 minutes Demo Day will follow the agenda below:

  • Introduction by Ivan Arce (CTO) – 10min
  • Presentation of Quarks Flow by Alexandre Quint (PM) – 15min
  • Demonstration  by Alexandre Quint (PM) – 35min
  • Conclusion by Ivan Arce (CTO) – 20min

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