Introducing Quarks Flow v1.0!
July 06, 2021

Quarkslab announces the release of Quarks Flow v1.0-the ideal automated malware analysis platform!

Quarkslab released this week the first version of Quarks Flow, an automated file analysis platform for malware detection. Quark Flow allows your information security teams to better understand the threats targeting your organisation and react faster when you are under attack.  Automation for malware detection has never been so easy.

Quarks Flow provides on-premise and cloud-friendly file analysis infrastructure that can be leveraged and extended by customers and partners through fully documented APIs.

Quarks Flow is an evolution of Irma, a Quarkslab open-source project started in 2013 and still actively used. 5 European organizations originally sponsored Irma to create a commercial file analysis platform suitable for multi-engine malware detection at scale. During 2020 the product was entirely re-architected and rewritten to be more easily deployed, maintained and updated using modern DevOps tooling.

“The need for fast and accurate malware detection at scale is evident these days, and that can only be achieved with orchestration and automation to support the analysts. The release of Quarks Flow v1.0 is a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to make file analysis and malware detection more effective and efficient. It is another step of a journey that we started in 2013 and that will increase its pace in the upcoming months. We are happy to be on this track” said Iván Arce, CTO for Security Analysis at Quarkslab.

Here we highlight some of the key aspects of this release:

Quarks Flow Store:

Quarks Flow V1 comes with a centralized repository (the Quarks Flow Store) where platform administrators can find all available malware Analysis Probes, deploy and upgrade them in just two clicks. The Quarks Flow Store simplifies management of the life cycle of file analysis tools for platform administrators while ensuring that they retain complete control over their usage consistently and at scale. We currently have more than 25 analysis probes, and we keep updating them and adding more every month.

Cloud-Ready Infrastructure:

Quarks Flow V1 was re-architected from the ground up to leverage modern cloud technologies that enable the platform to scale for every organization’s needs. The platform runs on Kubernetes and uses docker containers that ensure that all components are easily installed, maintained and upgraded. Quarks Flow is ready for deployment on-premise or on-cloud and runs on Kubernetes clusters available from major cloud service providers.

Other Key Features:

Besides the Quarks Flow Store, the set of available Analysis Probes and the significant architectural changes that ease deployment and administration, the current version has many functionalities such as:

 • Unauthenticated (guest mode) and authenticated access for file submission and analysis

• Self-service capabilities for users (Sign up, Reset password, Update Profile)

• Multiple user roles and role-based access control

• User administration & Role management

• An entirely new dashboard-like web UI

• A RESTful API to automate file submission and processing of results

• File retention and re-scanning

• Flexible file tagging

• Advanced file search

As we embark on this significant milestone of launching Quarks Flow, we invite you to our exclusive Demo Day 2021 where you will get the opportunity to see Quarks Flow in action. Join our team Ivan Arce, CTO Security Analysis and Samuel Kaluvuri, Team Lead on Thursday, July 8 at 3 PM CET.

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Additionally, you can also book a one-on-one session with our experts to learn more how Quarks Flow can meet your organisation’s cybersecurity needs.