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Reduce fraud and risk of financial and personal data theft

Quarkslab enables Payment Service Providers, retail banks to implement appropriate mitigations to address cardholder data theft, fraud and personal information theft whilst complying with industry standards and regulations.


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Quarks AppShield is now certified by EMVCo   >>>

as a Software Protection Tool (SPT) to protect Software-Based Mobile Payment (SBMP) solutions!

With this certification, Payment Service Providers benefit of:
    – a high level of security assurance
    – swift payment acceptance certification time (PCI CPoC, PCI SPoC, Visa/Mastercard requirements), as SBMP-evaluated solutions do not need to be reevaluated in future certifications processes

Quarks AppShield

Ensuring trust in payment systems

The emergence of alternative payment systems and methods, such as smartphones and tablets, poses new risks and threats when used as payment terminals, impacting the market as a whole and its growth if the necessary defence mechanisms are not in place.

In reaction, industry standards were created, mandating the usage of Software Protection Mechanisms such as code obfuscation and white-box cryptography to protect mobile payment applications at rest and at runtime.

Quarks AppShield allows payment vendors to create their payment application  whilst complying with the latest standards in use by providing a robust and EMVCo-evaluated Software Protection Tool.

Key Benefits

  • EMVCo evaluated product, ensuring faster mobile payment acceptance certification time
  • Protection of cardholder data (PAN, Personal Identifiable Information…)
  • Compliance with mobile payment acceptance industry standards: PCI SPoC, PCI CPoC, Tap to Phone with PIN, VISA/Mastercards programs requirements…
  • Seamless integration with existing development and build tools

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Quarks Flow

Securing retail banking

Retail banking is facing nowadays a much more significant threat:

  • Malware is using more advanced evasion techniques every day.
  • Attackers are now more organized than before, with some even benefiting from the support of nation-states.
  • The attack surface and exposition to digital risk are also more expansive in this digital era than a decade ago, with mobile applications and websites for each application.

Retail banking face as well an intense regulatory and compliance landscape when it comes to security. While legislative concerns are territorially based, some legislation such as the GDPR has a global footprint due to its breadth. Compliance with these regulations and standards means implementing the necessary processes and technological solutions.

Quarks Flow provides security personnel with a solution to orchestrate several analysis methods to look for malware. Its versatility allows to use it either in a preventive fashion, used as an education scheme to educate employees or as a solution to recover from an incident. 

Key Benefits

  • Reducing strain on SecOps employees thanks to file analysis processes automation
  • Easy integration of new security tools for file and document analysis
  • Raising awareness to cybersecurity issues thanks to an easy-to-use web interface
  • PCI DSS Compliance


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