Securing content distribution and fighting piracy

Quarkslab enables content distributors to enhance their application security, preserving revenues and brand reputation, as well as DRM vendors to secure their protection systems.

Quarks AppShield

Content, financial and personal information protection for OTT providers

The distribution of video content attracts ill-intentioned people: by copying and then redistributing stolen content, criminals have the opportunity to generate revenue on unlawfully acquired intellectual property fraudulently.

This type of operation has a significant leverage effect due to the wide availability and facilitated distribution medium that is the Internet.

For DRM and players vendors

Vendors need to integrate defence mechanisms into their products to comply with the Enhanced Content Protection Framework created by Movielabs. This standard, built to protect the distribution of ultra-high-resolution premium video content, requires the DRM system to be protected with obfuscation technologies against reverse engineering.

For OTT application developers

OTT providers need to use the necessary video content protection bricks while keeping in mind other potential risks that do not stem from the video content but, for example, from customers’ personal and financial data stored within the applications.

Key Benefits

  • Protection of business revenues
  • Protection of video content decryption processes for full-software implementations
  • Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in OTT applications
  • Compliance with industry specifications (MovieLabs for Hollywood content, Robustness Rules…)

Viaccess-Orca and Quarks AppShield

Viaccess-Orca was looking for an organisation able to offer a high level of proximity and responsiveness to threats and this is what we have found with Quarkslab.

Our teams are now working closely together to obfuscate source code, protect encryption keys for our secure player as well as maintain the best ratio between performance and security.

Cédric Hardouin

Executive VP R&D, Viaccess-Orca

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