(formerly known as Irma)

Security Analysis Automation

Quarks Flow (formerly known as Irma) is an automatic file analysis solution to identify malicious files and improve the threat detection rate.

An answer to the ever-evolving malware threat


Over the years, the malware threat greatly evolved. First amateur attempts, it then became a set of tools used by organized threat actors to accomplish their malevolent actions. Techniques used to disguise malware evolved as well: polymorphism, obfuscation… In reaction to these advancements, security tools, techniques and analysis methods were invented to counter these new threats.

Today, the main challenge for SOC operators and incident response teams is to keep up with both the advancements in threats and analysis techniques.

Quarks Flow was created with the objective to be the ideal security toolbox for practitioners. The solution focuses on orchestration and automation of analysis methods in order to rapidly identify malware.

Quarks Flow Features

Main Feature

Threat Detection

Increase your detection rate of known and unknown threats by combining multiple engines and analysis methods.

Available Detection Methods

Static Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Signature-based analysis

Compare a file against known Yara rules, quickly identify a file type


Supplement static analysis and learn about malware behaviours with sandboxes


Leverage a combination of antivirus engines to multiply the detection rate and lower the rate of false positives

Other features



Airgap Deployment

Disarming of harmful documents embedding malicious payloads: Office files, PDF… and retrieve a reconstructed file

The Quarks Flow API allows developers and practitioners to leverage the analysis methods, and integrate it into other tooling

Easy update mechanism even for airgapped networks

Why choose Quarks Flow?

On Premise

Designed for on-premise deployment within your infrastructure, also with airgapped capabilities.


Connection with numerous tools and integration within operational process via API.


Choose your engines according to your needs from a selection of probes (third-party, Quarkslab or your own probes).


Keep your files protected in a disconnected environment to ensure privacy.

Ready to protect your most sensitive assets?

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