R&D – Exploitation

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Within Quarkslab, the services / R & D part carries out projects, internal or external, around the following themes:

  • reverse engineering: understanding how a program works without having the source code;
  • cryptography: analyze or design cryptography in applications to increase security properties;
  • vulnerabilities: assess the robustness of a target, search for vulnerabilities and develop exploits;
  • hardware and software security: working on Systems on Chip, designing software and hardware architectures for increase our capabilities.

These projects are carried out in various technical environments, from general public OS to dedicated SOCs up to hardware. We focus on the internal mechanisms of these systems than specific tools (see our public tools such as Triton, LIEF or QBDI).

Mandatory Skills

  • At least 3 years of experience in security, hands in grease.
  • Practical experience, in the context of employment or self-driven initiative or both.
  • English written and spoken, another language bonus.

Appreciated Skills

  • Experience (s) in other areas of security than those described in the offer.
  • Example: experiment with hardware debug or interfaces (eg JTAG, UART, I2C, etc.).
  • Knowledge of several architectures or operating systems.
  • Publication (s), lecture (s), training (s) given or received, CVE, bug bounties.
  • Contributions to open source projects (development, tools, reverse engineering, etc.).
  • Participation in challenges or CTFs.

What does Quarkslab offer?

Sort thousands of fuzz-based crashes to find THE one, divert the operation of a program to get it to do something other than what it was designed for, spend hours in the meandering assembler instructions and internal mechanisms of the target to finally just see a calculater appear on screen and jump of joy ? Contact us!

  • Knowledge of exploitative protection mechanisms, and loving the challenges to get around them.
  • Improve our analysis tools to understand the state of a process, its memory and the objects it handles.