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Why become a Epona partner?

Epona is a comprehensive application shielding solution which offers obfuscation, self-defending mechanisms, white-box cryptography and secure data encryption. Its mission is to offer an integrated and universal developer experience towards security for all platforms: PC, Mobile, IoT devices. 

With this comprehensive portfolio, we make it easy to accelerate your organisation growth and profits – while protection all the application stay safe.

Threat Analysis

Founded in February 2014, Internet of Trust is an independent security consulting company based in Paris. Directed by Claire Loiseaux and Carolina Lavatelli, Internet of Trust provides innovative and customer- oriented services, built on high-level expertise and partnerships.

Static code analysis

TrustInSoft Analyzer uses formal methods to deliver mathematical guarantees. With an extensible framework that enables collaboration between different formal methods, TrustInSoft Analyzer can mathematically guarantee that a given flaw is not present in your source code.

Irma Prevent Attacks to your Digital Environments

Irma is a Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) solution for security analysis. Its mission is to give operators the knowledge of qualified security experts. Stay ahead of the competition as Quarkslab partner to capitalize on our leading edge solution.

As a privileged partner, benefit from an exclusive access to our solution and stay ahead of the competition.


Founded in February 2014, Internet of Trust is an independent security consulting company based in Paris. Directed by Claire Loiseaux and Carolina Lavatelli, Internet of Trust provides innovative and customer- oriented services, built on high-level expertise and partnerships.


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LAPB Security Center of Excellence


French National Cybersecurity Agency (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information – ANSSI), in its capacity as the national authority, and aware of the need for clarification about this market, is helping companies and government authorities make a choice, by qualifying and certifying security solutions.