Introducing full support of Swift and anti-repackaging for Java and Android applications with our new Quarks App Protect release!
April 22, 2022

The new release of our anti-reverse engineering compiler Quarks App Protect introduces two significant innovations: Full support of Swift and advanced anti-repackaging for Java and Android applications.

Support of Swift to protect Apple devices applications

Quarks App Protect is now supporting Swift, with the same features set as our legacy version.

All your Apple devices will inherit a high level of protection: We give developers a rich set of static and dynamic protections, integrity checks, binary diversifications, or anomalies detection for iOS, Mac OS and tvOS applications.

In 2014, Apple introduced Swift, a new programming language for their ecosystem, commended for its simplicity and performance. Developers gradually adopted this new language, and it eventually became more popular than Objective-C. We believe security should be brought with the same ease to applications.

Integration into Xcode takes less than 5 minutes; therefore, securing your apps and data has never been so easy.

Prevent Java and Android applications from repackaging with multi-level protections

With this release, we aim to counter application repackaging, which is still today the main threat for Android applications.  This is done with our multi-level protection scheme:

  • At the instruction level, we substitute code to make it harder to understand by the attacker.
  • At the data level, all strings are encrypted to prevent information leakage.
  • At the application level, we hide the logic with advanced code flattening.
  • At the package level, we introduce an innovative and exclusive anti native code lifting feature. You keep the control of your libraries within your applications.

Combining these various levels aims to confuse the attackers, keeping them away from your applications.

Our new anti native code lifting protection binds your native libraries to your Java code, making it especially difficult for an attacker to re-use your libraries elsewhere, such as in a malicious application built from your original application.

Don’t let your applications be vulnerable to attacks. Contact our team for more information and arrange a tailored demonstration to protect your applications: