Application Shielding Software

State-of-the art technologies to protect your applications and IoT objects against attackers

Three components to protect code, data, and keys running on untrusted environments

Epona App Shield

Code & Data Protection

Deter reverse engineering and hide your program logic with source code obfuscation. Limit tampering with integrity checks.

Epona Keys Shield

Cryptographic Key Protection

Hide secret keys and unique identifiers within source code with advanced white-box cryptography. Control the generation of your whitebox.

Epona Vault

Data Encryption and Secure Storage

Easily encrypt personal data used in your application with Epona Vault. Leverage hardware encryption when available to heighten the security level.


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Detailed Features

Epona App Shield Epona Keys Shield Epona Vault
Protection mode Static and dynamic Static and dynamic Persistent (on disk) keys & data
Protection layers

Code & Data obfuscation (25+ different passes)

Environmental protections (anti-root, anti-jailbreak, anti-debug, anti-hooking, anti-dynamic analysis)

Integrity checks / anti-tampering

Multi-level configuration (block, function, module)

Zero-trust: full control on the (re)generation of your application

Automatic test & reporting on applied protection

Symmetric encryption: AES128 with CBC/CTR modes

Signature: AES-CMAC, ECDSA on NIST-256p

Asymmetric encryption: ElGamal on NIST-256p

Diversification per client or per device

Zero-trust: full control on the (re)generation of your whitebox

Device binded key/value database

Encryption and authentication of data

Only decrypt what you use

Rely on hardware security components if available (e.g. Android KeyStore)

Small code and memory footprint

Languages C/C++ API
Security policy External YAML configuration or Pragma in the code API
Operating systems Linux, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS Linux, Android
Architecture x86, x86_64, ARM, ARM64
IDE integration Apple XCode, Microsoft Visual Studio, & Google Android NDK
Sec/Dev/Ops Gitlab, Jenkins

Industry-recognized software

Why Choose Epona?

  • Seamless integration: Use it in a transparent way as it integrates easily with your favorite development toolchain
  • In-app defense: Choose obfuscation to disrupt attacks to your application, anti-tampering to prevent modifications and anti-debugs to prevent dynamic analysis
  • Fine grained configuration : Tune it easily at the level of robustness and performance you want to achieve

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