In today's business landscape, the time it takes for an organization to realize it's facing a data breach and prepare a response, the offensive has already made significant progress. So Quarkslab works by taking back the initiative.

To put cyberdefense back in the lead, Quarkslab teams engage in continuous and active security improvements, enabling organizations to stay one step ahead, encouraging them to play offensive, not defensive, and forcing attackers — rather than their victims — to change tactics.

Quarkslab takes a positive, dynamic and continuous approach to cybersecurity, to protect users, mission-critical resources and customer assets. As a result, organizations strengthen their protection using specialist tools, software and state-of-the-art solutions that transpose R&D findings into operational realities.

Quarkslab's originality and effectiveness stems from the critical, curious, rigorous and passionate sprit of its team, coupled with a constant readiness to challenge the suitability of security choices.

For example, to help companies tackle the new risks emerging with the Internet of Things, and the wide-reaching transformations it implies, the Quarkslab team focuses on applications at the source-code level in order to:

    • Analyze systems in detail, from an offensive angle, to understand the workings and weed out vulnerabilities.
    • Automate some analysis stages, so that human effort can concentrate on specific problems.
    • Dynamically adapt processing to support multiple system updates and heterogeneous data sources within the organization.
    • Orchestrate operations to ensure the right tools are used at the right time in the right places.

Quarkslab helps companies endow their systems and programs with customized security within the source or binary code.