We are looking for someone passionate about developing high quality software that will be used extensively around the world, with at least 5 years of professional experience in industrial or open source projects, and some specific skills.

Your main task will be taking a technical leadership position in a team developing a multi-tiered distributed system with Internet-wide scope currently in use by Quarkslab's customers.

Key responsibilities

You will be expected to:

    • Develop a multi-tier distributed system in timely manner meeting or exceeding Quarkslab's quality bar.
    • Participate in and sometimes organize the software development activities of the team.
    • Evaluate and propose architectural improvements and code refactoring.
    • Provide technical leadership and guidance in your areas of expertise.
    • Contribute to the professional growth of your team mates.
    • Understand, describe and communicate technical challenges in simple and precise terms.

Mandatory skills

    • Fluent HTML, CSS, Javascript.
    • Fluent in JS web development frameworks: Angular, React, vue.js
    • Use of Javascript libraries and native APIs for UIs
    • Use of Linux as development and deployment platform
    • Development of intuitive, efficient, responsive Desktop and mobile UIs
    • Mastery in use of version control, bug tracking, automated testing, automated deployment, CI/CD software
    • Fluent in French or English (spoken and written) and Spanish

Appreciated skills

    • Fluent in Python 2 & 3.
    • Expertise in one or more of: UX/UI, data visualization, UI testing automation, performance engineering, software security
    • Development of multi-tiered systems: REST APIs, storage & object models, IPC mechanisms, performance, scalability

What does Quarkslab offer ?

A full-time position at a growing mid-size organization creating state-of-the-art technology to solve challenging problems. A geek-friendly environment where software development does not preclude research activities. A focus on technical excellence and quality.

The position is for a full-time employee in Buenos Aires, Argentina with competitive salary and benefits. Remote work within Argentina is possible.


If you are interested send us your CV and a presentation letter.
Contact: job-ivy-sr(AT)