$> apt search adminsys
adminsys-job-qb-19/stable 1.0 all
              Search for a system and network administrator to reinforce Quarkslab's 
              DevOps team.

$> apt show adminsys-job-qb-19
Package:      adminsys-qb-19
Section:      DevOps team
Maintainer:   job-adminsys-at-quarkslab-dot-com
Depends:      Linux (Debian/Ubuntu), Git, Bash, at least one script language (Python, 
              Ruby, Perl, ...), network (firewall, VLAN, routing), enterprise services 
              (DNS, LDAP, DHCP, ...), virtualization (Libvirt, vShpere), english 
              (full professional proficiency)
Recommends:   automation (Ansible, Chef, Puppet), continuous integration (Gitlab-CI, 
              buildbot), network hardware configuration (switches, routers, wifi AP), 
              knowledge in security, Windows administration, OSX administration
Provides:     good mood, team player
Conflicts:    non geek enthusiastic
Suggests:     cHV0IFtlZ2ddIGJlZm9yZSBlbWFpbCBzdWJqZWN0IDopCg==
Description:  Quarkslab, a high-end cybersecurity company founded 6 years ago, is 
              looking for a system and network administrator to reinforce its DevOps 
              team. A full-time position at a growing mid-size organization creating 
              state-of-the-art technology to solve challenging problems. A
              geek-friendly environment where software development does not preclude
              research activities. A focus on technical excellence and quality.
              The position is for a full-time employee in Paris (11th district).