How-to guide: Fuzzing

Did you know the number of vulnerabilities found in software has doubled in the past three years? This is probably due to the increasing use of automatic vulnerability researching process called fuzzing. Implementing fuzzing tests early in a product...

Use Case – Viaccess Orca

The streaming video market is estimated to reach 110 billion euros by 2024, with an average annual growth of almost 20%. Boosted by mobile devices, ever more powerful 4G and soon 5G connections, online video consumption is here to stay. Viaccess-Orca (VO) is one of...

Infographic – Mobile Payment

Discover in the infographics below how mobile payment works and what are the risks and threats  with the development of payments from mobile platforms. Mobile Payment

Infographic – Security Automation

Discover in the infographics below why automation is essential in any security team. Find more information, in our complete whitepaper  Security Automation

La sécurité des applications de jeux d’argent !

Le temps des casinos et des PMU de quartier est-il compté ? Probablement pas, mais la pratique des jeux d’argent en ligne est désormais un marché très disputé, qui selon certaines estimations, pourrait peser 87 milliards de dollars en 2024. Nos équipes...